4 Ways to Increase Productivity Among Employees by Creating a More Relaxed Work Environment

Philip Piletic · February 7, 2018 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4af4

Lazybags and casual jeans: Is relaxed worker a happy worker?

Nowadays employees no longer take a job as what it is, while committing to stick with it until they can promote to the next good position within the company. On the contrary, employees today are more discerning and picky as to what their job and workplace entail and can leave unblinkingly for apparently minimal reasons, such as work hours or working remotely, flexibility or even the comfort they get at the office. To this end, the new wave of employees treasure the opportunity to be surrounded by a more relaxed atmosphere at work and will make little compromises on the subject. Below we will look at four ways in which companies can build a more relaxed work environment for their employees:


It may not come as a surprise, but in order for an office to look and feel like a more relaxed environment, you need to remove the clutter that’s been piling up. Take a look at the clusters of wires showing up from corner to corner and consider removing some of those hardware boxes you’ve been keeping around just in case you need to return your item. The office space should always be spacious and airy, without any unnecessary objects lying around or blocking pathways.

Create a Relaxation Area

We all know how well off the employees at Silicon Valley giants, such as Facebook or Google, are in terms of workspace conveniences. Apart from providing nicely designed offices, with murals and other artsy features, they also offer their employees everything they need to unwind and release tension. From ping pong tables, arcade games and VR, to music stations and coffee places - these companies are a delight to work for. Although not every company can offer the same high level of treats for their employees, they should certainly strive to compete with the giants. It’s been proven, time and time again, that employees value the importance of taking breaks, having some fun or simply relaxing in the office, in a specially designated area. Think bean bags or even personal comfort beds - you can read more on the benefits of these beds on The Sleep Studies. In the end, regardless of what you choose, your employees will thank you for it.

It’s All About Lighting

That’s right, light plays a more important role in our office environments than we’d like to think it does. As employees spend their entire day staring into a screen, it’s only natural that the office they work in gets a sufficient amount of natural light, regardless of the season. Ideally, companies should have this in mind when designing their buildings or when moving into new spaces. However, if this is a step that you’ve already checked off your list, know that there is still plenty you can do. When you choose the lighting for your office, you need to let the money aspect aside and instead focus on getting the quality your employees need in order to give it their best each day. The cherry on top is that you can choose these lighting fixtures as accessories that complete your company’s identity.

Provide Great Furniture

Even though it may seem surprising, this is another factor that employees key in when deciding if they want to continue with a job or not. First of all, let’s take office chairs. These are the most important pieces of furniture, since they provide support for your employees more than eight hours each day. Considering that an office job is very static in itself, it becomes all the more important to offer your employees chairs that are comfortable and offer great lumbar support. Secondly, you need to be mindful of the rest of the furniture ensemble you get - keep in mind that the lighter the colors, the more relaxed and productive your employees will be. Gray and black tones can subtly act as huge downers.

Regardless if you choose one or several approaches of the ones mentioned above, it’s certain that providing your employees with a relaxed workspace will enable them to become happier and more productive in their daily tasks. Needless to say, investing in ways to create a more laid back and casual office atmosphere will pay back exponentially down the line.

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