Current Media announces the launch dates of their token sale for an all-in-one media ecosystem

Josiah Motley · January 17, 2018 · Short URL:

With Mark Cuban on board as an early investor, the presale starts in less than one month

There are lot of media and entertainment sources out there. In any given moment, you can find me, personally, using at least two or three to consume information and entertainment - Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on. This typically results in multiple apps and tabs cluttering my computer and phone, all running and all vying for my attention.

There is one company out there trying to put all of this into one place for you, while also looking to reward you for your time spent within the app. Add to that a recent token announcement and early backing from Mark Cuban and you have a winning combination.

Current Media, who works with services like Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook is trying to consolidate your media sources for you by offering a comprehensive stream of entertainment in one place. Their most recent announcement is the launch of their token, the CRNC, that users can earn and use to pay for premium subscriptions and content through these services. Basically, users are getting paid for their time, while still keeping ad revenue the same for the actual services. It is also a platform that can reward content creators for their amazing content, meaning that everyone can truly benefit from the platform.

The presale for their token takes place from February 7 to the 21st, with the full sale starting March 14th and ending April 4th. The soft cap is $5 million and the hard cap will not exceed $36 million USD. There will be a total of one billion coins, with 35% of those coins being issued during the token sale. The rest will be "mined" in time as users consume media through the Current platform.

"There's a huge imbalance in media consumption today," states Current co-founder and CEO Dan Novaes. "Consumers today are just giving away their time, attention, and data for free — when those are the most valuable commodities in their lives. Current is giving choice back to anyone and everyone who uses modern technology to listen to music or watch a show."

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