Crypto company Saifu announces partnership with Thales

Will help bring an additional level of security to users' wallets through Saifu

Financial trends and news by Josiah Motley
January 12, 2018
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When you're dealing with money, whether fiat or crypto, one thing that should be at the front of everyone's mind is security. At one point, this meant giant vaults and steel doors, but in a world of digital currency it means better services and smarter programs that can detect potential threats while making sure your assets are protected.

Saifu is one such company looking to improve their security. While they offer many things a traditional bank offers, they also are deeply involved in the world of crypto and their service allows you to exchange money between digital currencies and fiat currencies freely. With this ability comes the need for greater security that can bridge the gap between the two worlds.

That's where the partnership with Thales comes into play. Thales is no stranger to security - the French multinational company has experience in everything from aerospace and defense to transportation and security markets. Thales provides security for companies like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, so they are definitely no slouch. 

Their nShield hardware security modules (HSMs)is now deployed within Saifu to provide security for users' assets, even in the unlikely event of a breach. Essentially, these HSMs will be ensuring cryptographic keys are stored securely and protected.

Evgeny Vigovsky, COO and CTO at Saifu states, “Thales is the most recognized and widely used security provider for global payment transactions and we have been able to take that expertise and apply it to the world of cryptocurrencies. Thales has given us a beautiful solution around which we’ve developed our own software, equipping Saifu with the ability to offer our customers a truly compelling value proposition with a user experience that meets or even exceeds that of a conventional online or mobile banking application and other cryptocurrency services.”