A new study shows that productivity doesn't decrease as much as you might assume during the holidays

Also shows that Android users are more likely to work through the holiday season

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
December 22, 2017
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Maybe you're trying to ride out the last day of your work week before the Christmas holiday and using this article as a distraction, but surprisingly, that decreased productivity isn't as widespread or drastic as one might assume.

In a new study from Egnyte, the company analyzed and compiled over three billion activities from thousands of companies to look at what industries slowed down, which ones increased productivity, and the percentages associated with those stats. They also looked at productivity by device to see who the "harder" workers are. 

While that last one can be pretty subjective, the numbers show that Android users are doing approximately 27% more activities during the week before Christmas in comparison to iOS users. While this could be for a multitude of reasons, one commenter on another article about the study did offer a suggestion, "Because Android users have jobs. During the holidays, iOS users take time off from blogging to browse for soap on Etsy."

Huge if true. Also, link me to that soap.

You can see the full infographic below for this study, but general takeaway is that productivity only drops by about 5% for most industries, with increased productivity in fields like medical, media and entertainment, and education. 



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