Online mattress company, Amerisleep, opens new three brick-and-mortar stores in 2017

Continues to expand their presence online and offline with plans to open stores in additional states

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
December 18, 2017
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Not content with simply selling online, Amerisleep founders Firas and Moe Kittaneh and Joey Holt decided it was time to start their brick-and-mortar mattress business to accompany their online presence. The first store opened in June of this year in Gilbert, Arizona and now the company has expanded its presence to three additional locations around Arizona.

Wanting to separate themselves from the traditional mattress store experience, Amerisleep is stockpiling their stores with tech in an effort to be the "Apple store for sleep." This includes 8K television walls, touchscreen displays everywhere, and rooms dedicated to giving customers the chance to really test out a mattress before buying.

These Dream Suites are basically rooms that are completely shielded from the main sales floor that allow interested customers to actually sleep on the different mattress models offered by Amerisleep. While you can certainly lay down on mattresses at other stores, it's typically awkward and you're never going to get the full experience that way. All stores are equipped with these rooms.

“The fact is millions of consumers today still purchase the wrong bed even after consulting the Internet and floor salespeople at other mattress stores. We wanted to change that by opening a store that featured our five mattress models, which each have distinct firmness levels,” said Kittaneh.

While Amerisleep has been in business since 2010, it wasn't until June of this year that the company really looked into expanded into new markets while also bolstering their online presence through a drastic re-branding to better exemplify the style and upgrade the experience for consumers, both online and in a physical store.

All three stores will include all five lines of Amerisleep mattresses, as well as bedding accessories. The newest locations are in Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tucson. In addition to new stores in Arizona, the company tells me they will also be expanding into additional states in 2018.


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