Crypto startup, Saifu, launches pre-sale as they prepare for full ICO

The company is working to make a centralized hub for all of your financial accounts

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
November 29, 2017
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Crypto startup, Saifu, has launched their pre-sale in prep of a full ICO after the new year. Early investors will get increased returns on their investment in the form of additional SAIFU tokens, with those extra returns diminishing during the full ICO.  

Saifu is yet another company looking for their place in the world of crypto and the blockchain, with their focus being on how users connect with digital currencies and real world financials to offer a seamless user experience.

There is still a disconnect when it comes to using cryptocurrencies. While it is constantly getting more efficient with new wallet and transfer options popping up all the time, the ease of use factor is still very hit-or-miss with these services. Add to that the fact that it really requires a tech-savviness that not everyone possesses and you’re left with a currency and idea that can still feel very overwhelming and disjointed.

Then there is the factor of having yet another account that you have to keep up with and it makes the whole process feel very clunky. But that is the area Saifu is looking into. Making your crypto presence easier to manage, whether you’re a business or casual investor.

Basically, they are looking to make cryptocurrency accessible to amateurs, while giving seasoned veterans a hub to keep up with not only their cryptocurrencies, but traditional assets, as well. They are tackling this by giving users easy to navigate menus, and quick tie-ins to traditional accounts. These multi-currency checking accounts use IBAN compliant account numbers in both fiat and cryptocurrencies for easier global payments and trading.

Within your account, you’ll have money wiring options for VISA/Mastercard to and from any bank and you’ll be able to exchange traditional currencies like USD, GBP, and the Euro. There is also a debit card of sorts that can draw money from your account. The platform also fully conforms to regulations through the form of “Know Your Customer” procedures and Anti-money laundering regulations. Saifu also holds licenses from the Czech National Bank and the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority.

While Saifu is not the only company looking to make things easier for crypto enthusiasts, their straightforward approach, strict regulation, and friendly UI do make them one worth keeping an eye on.  If you're still new to the world of crypto, they also have AI-powered chatbots available to help guide you through the setup process.