Prisma adds new artificial intelligence bot into its stable of features

Josiah Motley · November 21, 2017 · Short URL:

Will be used to make memes and quotes on users' pictures - almost instantly

While many people look at the photo editing app, Prisma, as nothing more than a photo app with fancy filter options, their is actually much more going on under the hood that powers the photo manipulating service - way past filters and color changes. Prisma is actually taking the photos that you upload into the app and analyzing them, before breaking them down and completely recreating them from scratch through the use of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Recently, Prisma announced the newest addition to its line of artificial intelligence features with the integration of meme-generater app, GagBot. GagBot uses artificial intelligence and object recognition to generate custom memes nearly instantly. Users simply upload a photo and the AI will use semantical analysis to create original quotes based on the photo that follow the basic structure of meme flavor text.

“Prisma has already expanded to video and selfie stickers, but now we’d like to offer an impressive artificial intelligence services to our users. We see a lot of opportunities in Gagbot and we believe it will help to produce a greater user experience with AI — helping people to communicate easier” said Prisma CEO and co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov.

In an era where memes are shared with everyone from young teens to grandparents, it shouldn’t be surprising to see that an app that already utilizes artificial intelligence would want to add another similar tool to their suite of features. Coming off a recent funding round of $500,000, GagBot was able to raise the funds through angel investors and was lead by AltaIR Capital.

"AI and its applications is something AltaIR Capital focuses on. Coupled with the popularity of imaging technology in social media, by combining the two, GagBot created a unique product that has a lot of potential,” commented Igor Ryabenkiy, AltaIR Capital partner.

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