Content intelligence platform, Egnyte, announces full GDPR compliance

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GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018 with the goal of better protecting EU citizens' personal data

As the world evolves and technology continues to play a much greater role in our lives, governments around the world are looking at ways to better contain the huge amounts of personal information that is floating around the web, and more specifically, the personal data that so many companies around the world have compiled through the years. 

In fact, the European Union has instituted the General Data Protection Regulation, which essentially will hold companies accountable for their valuable data. That data holds sensitive information from customers and employees and the GDPR basically states that it is the company's responsibility to treat that data carefully. The European Parliament and Council first brought this up in April of 2016 and it officially goes into place on May 25, 2018.

While this seems like a long way out, when you're talking about the restructuring of your data compilation, that deadline is coming up quickly. One company that deals in the content management and intelligence field, Egnyte, announced this week that they have met all the guidelines and are completely GDPR compliant. The cloud provider went on to state that the meet the regulations in all 28 EU countries and their platform is capable of comprehensively detecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) - examples include bank account numbers, National ID numbers, and National healthcare account numbers.

As a content management service, companies that use Egnyte will have a much easier transition when meeting the GDPR guidelines. Companies that fail to meet these guidelines are subject to huge fines, which can be as extreme as €20 million penalties and seizure of 4% of global revenue.

In a statement from Kris Lahiri, Data Protection Officer and Co-founder of Egnyte, “As businesses grow their global footprint they are responsible for managing customer PII in a variety of different countries, which presents a number of difficulties when it comes to following proper security and compliance regulations, like the GDPR. Our goal is to simplify compliance by providing a single platform with easy-to-use tools that businesses can trust to securely manage all of their content, in whatever country they are doing business in.”

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