There's a new service to help salespeople compile information in seconds

Detective by Charlie will crawl the internet to find the information that matters

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
November 2, 2017
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/4a77

Once upon a time there was a service called Charlie that would help you prep for upcoming meetings. It would send you information about a client or potential employer an hour or so before your scheduled appointment in an effort to bolster your knowledge and general readiness. It was a pretty great concept, and now that service has morphed into something even more powerful - Detective by Charlie.

It takes a lot of what made Charlie great and simply expands on all of it to give a better solution to a bigger problem for both entrepreneurs and sales teams. Instead of simply focusing on the one-on-one meetings, Detective will help you compile large amounts of information about a company in just seconds. By using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Charlie crawls the internet to find out all sorts of information that could be valuable and then compiles it for quick access.

It will crawl Google and LinkedIn to find information and then hop over to services like Crunchbase to compile even more information about the company in question. Overall, it will crawl 1000s of sources in seconds to give you the information you need to make the sale or find the research that normally takes at least a third of your time.

Applications are almost endless, but there are a couple that stick out. Journalists will be able to use to service to quickly compile information for an article. Coming from experience, research has always been the most time-consuming (and often boring) aspect of writing a solid piece. It typically ends up with you having about seventeen tabs open as you furiously click through them looking for that one piece of information you saw earlier, but you can't remember where exactly but it was in the second paragraph, you think. Or maybe that's just me.

When you're a journalist, salesperson, or just someone that wants to quickly access lots of information without the legwork, a sales-intelligence platform like Detective can be a lifesaver. Time is our most valuable asset and through the use of artificial intelligence and NLP we can expedite the lengthy process of research and focus on the actual task at hand.