Knoema releases their first chatbot - Yodatai

Josiah Motley · May 25, 2017 · Short URL:

Will help connect big data with end users through the use of artificial intelligence

Knoema, the company with a focus data and the searching process around it, has released their first ever chatbot, named Yodatai. What makes this chatbot special, in a sea of countless chatbots, is its integrations with Knoema's powerful and robust amounts of corporate data, both public and industry.

Being able to access these large amount of data dumps help set Yodatai up to be a great researching tool for almost anyone, where you're involved in big business and SMBs or utilizing it for general research purposes. With a time series database of over 2.5billion, across 1000's of topics and sources, Yodatai is well-equipped to answer a multitude of questions. Simple questions like "Tell me about California" will display a wide range of gathered information, which can then be delved into deeper with more questions.

You can also get specific, "What are California's top exports?" and Yodatai will link you to a Knoema page with the information filtered and compiled for you. It does seem to struggle on some questions, resulting in a polite message asking you to hold on for a second, only to never get a response, but considering we're dealing with AI, issues like this will slowly become less abundant. You can also get questions answered based on corporate databases, such as, "How many users signed up last week?"


"Companies can now easily get answers about market and industry data, as Yodatai is the first digital assistant to work with public data as well as with corporate databases,” Vladimir Bougay, CEO of Knoema, said. “Just like Google broke open the Internet, Knoema was made to break open data. We wanted to liberate data from reports and databases, and incorporate it directly into the workflow of employees, whether or not they have analyst experience. Yodatai is the next logical step towards that goal; it’s a better-than-human assistant right in your favorite messaging app.”

The chatbot works through Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Skype. Integrations of the private kind are slim right now, currently only Amplitude, but the company assures us more are on the way. You can sign up for Yodatai now through this link.

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