Symphonized delivers a solid set of earbuds for under $30

Josiah Motley · May 16, 2017 · Short URL:

The NRG 3.0s follow up on the bass heavy 2.0 series by delivering better balanced sound

There is definitely demand for users looking for a set mid-level set of earbuds. You're not interested in those $100 plus Beats headphones, but you also aren't satisfied with the buds that come with your phone or the $10 sets you see scattered throughout big box stores everywhere.  This is where companies like Symphonized come in to fill the gap nicely.

With multiple sets available from Symphonized, the NRG line is arguably their most popular, with the ones being reviewed today being in their third iteration, the Syphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds. These in-ear headphones feature a natural wood encasing, silicon tips, and a (supposedly) tangle-free cord. Other specs include a decent built-in microphone and a dynamic 8mm Neodyium driver.

Now, onto how they sound. When you're talking about the ~$25 earbud market, some allowances have to be made for sound quality, but it also makes these sphere more competitive. There are a lot of companies fighting for space in this market so to really stand out from the crowd, your product has to do something special. Symphonized is teetering the line with the 3.0s.

The wooden surround is supposed to help with acoustics, and while I can't speak on how much difference they making, the buds have some pretty good sound. Their sound profile would be considered "warm," in that there is definitely more emphasis being put on the mids and lower frequency ranges, with less impressive sound coming from the "bright" (highs) side of things. Personal preference leans me more towards preferring brighter setups, but if you're look for a more even listening experience, you'll enjoy the sound from the NRG 3.0s.

The earbuds are able to keep up with fast bass lines and tracks well, but sloppy bass is present with these buds, leaving a muddled sound during fast riffs and when many instruments are introduced in a song simultaneously. The bass, otherwise, is very impressive for a small set of earbuds. Low notes are full, and multiple times during testing made me take pause to note how well it sounded. 

Overall, the NRG 3.0 earbuds are a pretty solid product. They are comfortable, have a microphone and controls on the cord, and sound very nice for the price range they are currently in. They are definitely not the brightest earbuds you'll ever use, but if you're looking a more neutral listening experience with some full bodied bass, these will not leave you disappointed. 

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