Collaboration tool Kaptivo now works with Slack and Trello

Josiah Motley · May 15, 2017 · Short URL:

The device that makes any whiteboard smart now has functionality with Slack and Trello

Released today, Kaptivo now has functionality that allows you to directly share slides and sessions directly inside of Slack. So, basically, now your collaboration tool (Slack) can work with your other collaboration tool (Kaptivo).

To utilize this feature, simply share a live slide or any past slide by using the "Share" feature in the bottom right corner of Kaptivo and point the slide to Slack or Trello. After identifying the appropriate Slack group or person the slide is posted automatically.

Founded in 2015, Kaptivo is an innovative collab tool that takes any whiteboard and, essentially, makes it a smartboard. Simply mount a camera above the board (and a power supply nearby) and Kaptivo will start capturing images of everything that is being put onto the board. It will edit out hands and other obstructions and focus on the images on the whiteboard. It will even create new slides when you erase the board.

It doesn't require any special pens and sessions can either be viewed in near-live time or referred back to later. These features are great, because regardless of how well you may be paying attention during a presentation, having the option to go back and study the information presented on the whiteboard is extremely valuable whether you're a student going back to view notes or a business professional needing to go back and refer to something.

Live presentations can be viewed through a link and past presentations can converted to a PDF for easy viewing any time. 

Considering that whiteboards are present in almost every office around the country, there is definitely a huge market for Kaptivo, and now with Slack and Trello functionality it is even more attractive to forward-thinking businesses and startups.

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