How the tech world reacted to Trump's historic win

Steven Loeb · November 9, 2016 · Short URL:

Many in Silicon Valley had repudiated Trump numerous times over the past year

No matter who you were rooting for in the election, the size of Donald Trump's victory last night had to be a total stunner. If you're a supporter of his, you're probably elated right now. If you're like me, then you're really not happy, but trying to have hope for the future.

The tech world was, on the whole, not a fan of Trump's. They made that explicitly clear many, many times. They called him a "disaster for innovation." They blasted his immigration policies, and called him a "loser" and "hustler." The tech world was not looking forward to a Trump presidency.

As you might imagine, now that he is going to be President, many of those same people are beside themselves, though some are willing to give him a chance.

Here's how some of the top tech luminaries reacted to the news:

Some were in shock

Some were depressed

Some were wistful about what might have been

Some were spurred to action

And some were at least willing to give Trump a chance, or at least have some hope that things won’t be that bad.

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