Sense releases a new version of their popular sleep system

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Sense with Voice includes better sensors, smart home expansions, and voice capabilities

Sense, the little monitor that helps monitor sleep habits, has released a new version today. This version, Sense with Voice, adds multiple things to the original device to help users better understand their sleep patterns, as well as make the product more useful and easier to use.

For those not familiar, a little overview on Sense. Sense sits by your bed and, in conjunction with the Sense Pill (with a new and improved design) that attaches to your pillow, monitors you while you sleep. You can check the app the next morning to see how you slept and what factors may have lead to those sleep conditions. Things like room humidity, external noise, temperature, and air quality are all monitored and Sense will let you know if those factors were in a good range or not. With the Pill, Sense can also monitor things like number of hours slept and how long you were in a deep sleep for. The app then gives you your sleep number with the maximum being 100.

The new Sense with Voice adds a couple new features to the unit, but just as importantly, the unit has new sensors now for monitoring even more factors while you sleep. UV light and barometric pressure are monitored, as well as carbon dioxide levels and volatile organic compounds. This all adds up to a better understanding of your air and room quality to provide users with a unique view of their room and, in turn, how their room affects their sleep.

Sense with Voice also adds options for connecting with other smart home devices. At release, it only works with a couple of products, but states that many more will be added as time goes on. Currently, Sense works with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Philips Hue Lights. With Nest, you can have it so you awake to the perfect temperature in your house and be gently woken by the gradual increasing of your lights through Philips Hue. You can control and set up both of these features through Sense's other new feature and namesake, Voice.

Voice allows you to accomplish multiple things that traditionally required actual button presses and fiddling with devices to set up. By just saying "Okay Sense," you can set a smart alarm, check the conditions of your room, set your waking temperature and lighting through Nest and Hue, and many other options. Sense uses an advanced array of digital microphones and echo cancellation to make sure the unit can always pick up your voice.

Sense with Voice retails at $149 and is available through Amazon, directly through their website, or Target and Best Buy stores nationwide.

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