Predictive marketing SaaS, CaliberMind, raises $1.1 million

Josiah Motley · October 26, 2016 · Short URL:

The funding will be used to expand the data science team and accelerate sales growth

CaliberMind, based in Boulder, Colorado, has announced the close of their seed round. In total, the company raised $1.1 million from CEB Ventures, PV Ventures, Crawley Ventures, and others who participated in the funding round. The money will go into bolstering and expanding the data science team, as well as going into the sales team to help accelerate growth.

The funding comes after CaliberMind was named one of the Top 25 Innovative Startups Worldwide by G-Startup. CaliberMind is a B2B marketing tech that uses psychographic data to accurately predict buyer habits. Psychographic data is essentially the study of people based on things like attitudes, hobbies, and aspirations and can be used to determine how a person thinks and reacts to a multitude of different stimuli. With CaliberMind, they use machine learning and human language to accomplish these impressive feats to offer businesses better information on potential customers. CaliberMind also states that by using their software, companies can shorten the sales cycle by up to 30%.

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Pat Spenner, puts it, “CEB's deep research into B2B customer buying behavior reveals that the most effective customer advocates can't be identified by title, role and function. Rather, they fit specific psychographic and behavioral profiles. CaliberMind's offering leverages customer psychographic data to uncover new insights about customer behavior. This enables marketers to target and tailor with a level of precision and effectiveness that simply hasn't been possible before now. The end result: higher sales conversion and higher quality deals."

The icing on the cake? CaliberMind integrates with many top enterprise tools including Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua, meaning that integration should be a relatively painless process. To find out more about CaliberMind, check them out here.

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