Presenting the 8 finalists for Vator Splash LA!

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8 startups will be pitching their ideas to some of the top tech VCs!

Today, Vator will be holding its annual Splash LA event, where speakers such as Mark Cuban (one of the hosts of Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks); Leura Fine (Founder & CEO, Laurel & Wolf ); Nick Green (Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Thrive Market); Tri Tran (CEO & Co-founder, Munchery); Andre Haddad (CEO, Turo); Hardeep Walia. (Founder & CEO, Motif), will be giving their thoughts about the current state of technology and venture capital.

In addition, Vator will  also be holding another startup competition, where some of the best, most innovative startups will pitch  their ideas in front of top-notch VCs, angel and corporate investors and high-tech influencers including Brian Lee(Founder & CEO, The Honest Company), Michael Jones (Co-Founder & CEO, Science), Dana Settle (Co-Founder & Partner, Greycroft Partners), Erin Flynn (Managing Partner, Vator Investment Club), Shamin Rostami (Partner, TYLT Ventures), Noah Doyle (Partner, Javelin Venture Partners), and Binti Yost (Principal - Economic & Valuation Services, KPMG).

Here are the eight companies that will be presenting today:

RideBlock is an activity tracker to monitor the tricks and activities on a skateboard/longboard. Our hardware device fits to the truck of the skateboard and connected to smartphone via Bluetooth. 

The App helps to monitor tricks performed, compete with friends in exciting challenges, monitor your fitness and mapping your rides. Currently we have a working prototype and continuously testing the device and algorithm with the help of skateboarding communities across the world.



Reely is committed to bringing fans the best sports moments in an instant on the mobile devices they love. It has B2B and B2C components of the company all committed to serving up highlights as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For sports leagues and content providers, it has a proprietary automated system that utilizes computer vision, neural networks, and deep learning AI to watch games and detect all the best plays.  This helps content providers catalog, distribute and monetize their content without resorting to expensive labor. It also help them publicize their teams, players, and outstanding feats of athleticism by connecting them with fans all over the world.


Discotech  is the OpenTable for Nightlife.  

Its free to download mobile app allows users to discover events, reserve tables, purchase tickets, and get access to nightlife venues in different cities.  Our mission is to bring efficiency and transparency to the grossly outdated nightlife space.  


OPER  is the first mobile payment of it's kind offering free transactions to merchants. No more credit card fees, commissions, or montly fees.

It is a data company scaling as a consumer facing payment app. By offering free transactions and hyper targeted geo fenced advertising to our customers, it can scale our business profitably while it develops its data packaging to be sold into enterprise chains as well as other large corporations in need of offline transaction level data.


ArbiClaims  is an online dispute resolution platform.

A claimant can file an initial claim in about 3-4 minutes. We do the rest. If/when the respondent accepts (and we have various strategies for making that work), we invite them each to choose an arbitrator, submit evidence and participate in a 10-30 minute webcam or phone hearing. A decision's handed down within 5 days of the hearing.

ArbiClaims was started by a small business and start up attorney tired of not being able to help people resolve their small claim disputes. Knowing that they didn't want to bother with small claims court. And in an effort to help fix that broken system.

Customers include Thumbtack, Turo and Spinlister. Partners include Better Business Bureau, US Legal and HomeAway. We also resolve disputes for individuals and small businesses.



Eddily is a Bay Area based software company that has developed an integrated learning and recruiting platform that uses a unique reward method to bridge college education and employer talent acquisition. 

By simultaneously enabling employers to directly influence the skills students develop and motivating students through game mechanic strategies, the Eddily application is able to help students optimize their career preparation and employers curate a deeper and more committed talent pool.



Heartbeat rewards millennial women for being themselves on social media. It has built a network of 30,000 everyday millennial women who are "brand ambassadors on demand." They are bold, passionate, and influential in their real lives, not just their digital ones. It has created a strong brand around Heartbeat, and invite women to join the movement of #fempowerment - rewarding women for being their authentic selves rather than who they are supposed to be online. 

They're experts at building a community of women through our lifestyle products and engaging social content, and our business model enables us to connect our powerful millennial audience with the brands who are trying to reach them. Team Heartbeat can post on Snapchat and Instagram for our partner brands, creating movements through consumer-generating co-marketing campaigns.



Industry is a professional network, marketplace, and hiring solution for top talent in the service and hospitality industry.

With industry, your profile is your resume, and applicants can highlight their skills and talents through photos and videos. We are not another ‘job posting’ site, but a professional network where our users can hangout, get recognition for their work from their peers, discuss business, and connect with thought leaders.


The winner receives in-kind prizes worth more than $25,000.

That includes one bottle of Bread & Butter wine; $5,000 Surf Air membership; $10,000 engineering services (courtesy Stratpoint); bookkeeping services (courtesy Scrubbed); $5000 Billboard (courtesy AdSemble); plus win sit-down meetings with Greycroft, Mucker Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, Javelin Venture Partners, Bullpen Capital and more! Plus, an opportunity to be considered for an investment by the Vator Investment Club.

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