Self-service solution, noHold, now integrates with Spark

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The leader in web-based, self-service solutions says Cisco Spark is just the beginning

NoHold, a leader in web-based, self-service solutions, will now work with collaboration platform, Cisco Spark. This integration will allow Spark users to have a virtual room through Spark that benefits from the help of a virtual assistant. By using Spark's open API, noHold was able to create a connector that allows for the benefits of both services: a secure, safe virtual room for teams, a virtual assistant, and a knowledgeable, robust platform to pull answers to any questions that may arise during collaboration.

Once the room is equipped with a virtual assistant, it will have a name assigned to it and users can ask it questions simply by typing (@) and the name of the VA into the chatbox.  The virtual assistant is equipped with the power of noHold's cloud-based platform to provide knowledgeable answers to a multitude of questions. Collaboration rooms are great, but people aren't always available to answer questions; having a virtual assistant that is available 24/7 can keep things in motion, regardless of day or time.

Much of the power of noHold is found in its cloud-based knowledge platform called SICURA and the in depth Search++. With SICURA, enterprise solutions are stored in a single place and allows for multilanguage support. Search++ uses natural language and an Inference Engine to deliver accurate, easy to understand results. By using artificial intelligence, Search++, and SICURA, noHold is able to offer a smart knowledge base capable of answering questions quickly and intelligently.


This is just the beginning for noHold. Diego Ventura, CEO and Founder of noHold, states, “It is noHold's objective to make sure that our Virtual Assistants work through as many pertinent channels as possible such as voice, SMS, Facebook, Alexa and certain collaboration platforms like Cisco Spark.” With Facebook Messenger continuing to improve in functionality, it will be exciting to see what Ventura and the rest of the noHold team have in store.

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