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Josiah Motley · August 30, 2016 · Short URL:

The sleep monitor will be available online before making its way to retail locations

The Sense sleep unit from Hello that started as a Kickstarter project is now making its way to retail stores. Where many Kickstarter projects fail to even come to fruition, Sense has already been hugely popular in their online store and on Amazon, but the company is making the next big step by offering the product in popular retail outlets Best Buy and Target.


As of today, August 30th, the Sense will be available on both and There are also plans to have physical units in US stores by the end of the year. This partnership will open up the Sense to an entirely new customer base, Hello CEO, James Proud states, "Working with Best Buy and Target, we have the opportunity for Sense to reach tens of millions of customers throughout the country – people can use Sense to take control of the most important preventative health factor we have available to us, sleep."

If you're not familiar with Sense, here's a refresher. The Sense unit sits by your bed and monitors many of the factors that can cause a good, or bad, night's sleep. In combination with the Sleep Pill, a small unit that clips to your pillow, the pair will monitor you throughout the night and send results to your phone in the morning. It monitors things like noise levels, humidity, and air quality to give you a "sleep score" and offers suggestions on how to improve your number. The Sense also doubles as ambient noise generator to help you sleep at night and can even be used as a smart alarm clock. This works by analyzing your sleep data and waking you up within a 30 minute timeframe.

You can find more about Sense here.

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