Charter bus startup, Shofur, launches newest line in Austin

Josiah Motley · July 21, 2016 · Short URL:

Intends to be a simple solution to outdated bus commutes for workers and travelers

Public transportation can be a pain. Late buses, missed stops, things detrimental to those who use public transportation to get to and from work, or those simply looking to travel a bit. The Atlanta-based company, Shofur, is working on changing that, however. Shofur allows patrons to track their bus in real time and reserve seats directly from their app. Shofur buses have reclining seats, power outlets, and Wi-Fi to make the ride as smooth and convenient as possible for those traveling on their buses.

Shofur bus in action

Today, Shofur launches in their latest city, Austin, Texas. This comes in only weeks after launching its bus line between Dallas and Houston. These lines will accommodate workers (and travelers) who might live in one area and work in another. Shofur joins the likes of Megabus and Vonlane in servicing these cities with modern bus transportation.

Shofur was launched in 2013 in Atlanta, GA and currently services over 100 cities across North America. Shofur has access to over 2,500 buses and works with over 400 bus companies to provide comfortable, convenient transportation. With clients including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, they must be doing something right. In a statement from co-founder and CEO Amir Harris, he sums it up nicely by stating, "A bus is a bus, and it can only improve so much, but this gets at the inefficiencies in this antiquated system that's been in place for years."

Check them out here, or download their app for Android and iOS.

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