StickerRide secures $3mil in funding from Winter Capital

Josiah Motley · July 12, 2016 · Short URL:

Will be used to continue the push into US markets

StickerRide, founded in 2013, has secured a funding round totaling $3 million from investment advisory firm, Winter Capital. The service has been available in Russia, but just recently made its way to US shores. At its core, the service allows drivers to sign up to advertise for participating companies who are trying to advertise their product. While it seems a bit gimmicky on the surface, the service has over 40,000 users and has worked with companies like Marvel and Gillette on advertising campaigns.

Example of a StickerRide campaign

For advertisers, it works similar to most targeted advertising. You contact StickerRide, tell them what you're trying to advertise and the targeted areas you'd like to see the mobile (literally) ads. Once that is done, any drivers who have signed up and meet the criteria are contacted about getting the stickers put on at a verified installation center where the mobile branding is applied. Drivers then get paid for driving their car as normal. Drivers get paid regardless of where the drive, but by using GPS location can get bonuses for driving in targeted areas. 

Targeted zones that pay better adds a gamification factor to the service that helps both parties get more out of the service. In addition to simply having better payouts in certain areas, StickerRide also has "quests" and flashmobs, events that pay higher and put brands directly where they want, events like concerts or the opening of an art exhibit, that will be experiencing high foot traffic.

While car advertisement isn't a new thing, StickerRide is bringing in some fresh ideas to an admittedly stale market. GPS tracking allows advertisers to know exactly what areas they are paying for and can adjust campaigns accordingly. On the driver side, it gives people a great way to make some extra cash and the gamification aspects give drivers additional reasons to get out there and promote.

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