Ecwid ShopApp allows retailers to create ecommerce apps

Josiah Motley · May 11, 2016 · Short URL:

And they can do it automatically from an existing online store

Mobile is huge. We all know this. Every year, more shoppers are going to their phones for purchasing things from mobile sites and apps. Traditionally, online retailers who wanted an app had to go through mobile developers to get one made. This is a timely, and often times expensive, process. With ShopApp, however, things have become quite a bit easier.

Traditional mobile app creation simply isn't very realistic for SMBs, the costs involved made ROI pretty difficult. The ecommerce platform, Ecwid, recognized this hurdle, and set out to change the way SMBs published mobile apps for retail. If you're still unsure of the importance of mobile apps and selling through them, consider this; in 2014 over 40% of mobile sales from the top 500 retailers came from mobile app sales. It is also estimated that over 2 billion mobile app transactions will be completed by the year 2017. These numbers are nothing to balk at, and ShopApp will help SMBs infiltrate this market.

As stated by Ecwid president, Jim O'Hara, "“With ShopApp, Ecwid is making a huge leap in how native ecommerce mobile apps are created and operate for smaller retailers globally. Similar to how the dramatic innovation in web development introduced by DIY sitebuilders like Wix, WordPress and Weebly democratized website creation, Ecwid now allows our merchants to create their own ecommerce apps instantly.”

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