LitBit announces a $7 million funding round

Josiah Motley · May 6, 2016 · Short URL:

Led by Storm Ventures, with Correlation Ventures, Illuminate Ventures, and others funding, as well

LitBit founder and CEO Scott Noteboom is no stranger to data centers. His resume includes impressive titles at both Yahoo and Apple where his involvement  included scaling Yahoo's data centers from 22,000 to over 325,000 servers globally. His time at Apple was spent building and improving the infrastructure used in both Siri and Apple's iCloud. 

He left all that behind, however, and started LitBit in 2013. Until now, LitBit has been keeping everything close to the chest with very little known about what they were working on. That all changed with their announcement of RhythmOS, an operating system that 'translates' system languages into a more universally-understood computer language. You see, the problem with smart devices and the Internet of Things is that they work great together - most of the time, but older systems (some that even still use a dial up connection) have a hard time talking with newer devices and apps. While upgrading something in your house might be an easy fix, companies that still use older tech will have a much more difficult time upgrading those old systems, not to mention the costs surrounded with upgrading.

That's where RhythmOS comes in, by using a universal language, it allows clients to build apps to get your systems working together smoothly. Clients can build apps on three platforms, Maestro, Intellect, and Vitals. These three platforms cover everything from automation and settings, to data analysis and custom alerts.  

Noteboom believes that smart systems and the Internet of Things will bring about the next big industrial revolution. In the same way electricity and machinery brought about growth and new economies, new technology will fuel growth; sooner rather than later.

In a statement from Noteboom, "I think that by 2020, people will understand this is just as revolutionary as those other things, including the internet."

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