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Josiah Motley · May 5, 2016 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4592

Zendesk signs Algolia to handle all in-app and web search

The customer service software company, Zendesk, signs on Algolia to handle in-app and web searches through their platform. Zendesk is used by over 75,000 companies worldwide and can start using Algolia for search today, it isn't automatically implemented, but can easily be set up. This will improve search results for users, making it faster and more accurate. By improving search, less time will need to be spent sending and receiving support emails that might be answered somewhere on the site, albeit not easily found. 

With Algolia, search takes on an active role, catering your search results and changing returns as you type. This method will help users pinpoint what exactly it is they are looking for and spend less time simply browsing through documentation in hopes of finding relevant information. It includes an autosuggestion menu and the code is open sourced and customizable to completely fit your needs. Smart search through Algolia allows users to figure out answers easier, meaning less support tickets, and in turn, less time spent looking for an answer. It also frees up time for your support team to work on other tickets and user needs.

Algolia was founded in 2012 and has over $22 million in funding at the time of this writing. With over 600 companies currently using their search API, including Vevo, Crunchbase, and Medium, they most certainly seem up to the task of improving search for Zendesk users. Find out more about Algolia here.

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