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April 25, 2016
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Effective workplace communication is an important part of being successful at your job. For those in leadership roles, like Randi Glazer, it is even more imperative. When you communicate effectively with a team, it helps to eliminate any misunderstandings as well as encourage a healthy working environment for employees.

Following are ways you can effectively communicate with your team.

  • Always be crisp, clear, and concise with your communications. Be sure to edit yourself, include specifics, and keep it short.
  • Don’t bury your most important point in the middle of your speech. Always hit the headline first.
  • Pay attention to what is important to those listening to you and speak to those points. Make the communication about them.

  • Your attitude is important. Always stand up straight when you are speaking with others. Put away all gadgets and make eye contact with the other person.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Don’t gossip about or trash-talk colleagues behind their back. It will only identify you as someone who can’t be trusted. If you can’t say something nice, keep quiet.
  • Don’t beat around the bush, especially if you have a negative message to communicate. Just come out and say it.
  • If you have to deliver bad news, do it in person. While it may be tempting to communicate a difficult message electronically, it's always better to deliver bad news face-to-face.

Randi Glazer knows that being able to communicate effectively in the workplace can improve your chances of overall success. Be cognizant of how you are passing on information to your colleagues and do everything you can to make sure your message is getting across clearly. 




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