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Josiah Motley · April 25, 2016 · Short URL:

Chat, conference calls, and more all from one app

There are quite a few apps that allow you to chat with coworkers, and some that even allow conference calls; FreshTeam wants to take it a step further.

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Released recently, FreshTeam bundles everything you need to keep you and your team on the same page. One of its core features have become a staple for the modern creative or business team - chat. FreshTeam's chat feature allows you to quickly chat with team members and has a walkie-talkie voice messaging, as well. Unlimited file transfers mean that anything you deem shareable can be uploaded without fear of hitting a limit. FreshTeam's features also include simple conference calling, no conference number or PIN is needed, simply select the members to contact from your team list and experience conference calls in HD.

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While these features have become pretty standard fare, FreshTeam's interface makes everything intuitive and easy to use. The feature that sets Freshteam apart, however, allows you to see where your team actually is. In the modern business environment, it's not unusual to work from home, coffee shops, you name it, so keeping up with your team's location is not as simple as looking in the next cubicle to see if they're there. Some might look at this feature as a "babysitting" feature, but there are plenty of practical uses. 

Have an important draft that needs editing? Check to see if your editor is stationed somewhere or on the move. If they are in transit (the app will even use your phone's sensors to decide if you are walking or taking transportation), you know to send the work to another team member. You can also set up "Places," and get alerts when someone from your team is nearby. For those worried about privacy, you can set the app to only display location when you want, 9am-5pm, for example.

Is FreshTeam the app to end all communication apps? Time will tell, but if you and your team lead a busy lifestyle, it is definitely worth checking out. 

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