The Do’s and Don'ts Of First Relationship

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Falling in love is easy but there are some do's and don'ts you should follow in new relationship.

Do you think you are in love? Does the sun sets with him in your mind, the rain looks beautiful than before thinking about him? Are you listening to the romantic numbers on a loop? Have you started feeling yourself as special and blush every time you go across the mirror? If these kinds of things are happening to you then you are definitely in love. Love is a lovely feeling.

Do's and don'ts of new relationship

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You will find yourself spending hours and hours getting wasted by lying on your bed and thinking about your partner. You will also find yourself collecting love quotes for him that will make you feel contented about the life that you have been just fashioned with. So in no time, your partner becomes everything for you. As this relationship has become so important for you, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind in order to beautify your relationship.

I will share some of the great dos and don’ts of relationship that will help you in making it more beautiful.

  • Never listen to people who could just want to break you up with your partner because of their selfish motives. You have a beautiful relationship with your partner and there is no room for anyone else to come and suggest you how to have a successful relationship. Always remember, when you get into a relationship, you instantly get mature enough to understand what is to be done and what not.
  • Never stop being romantic with each other. In every relationship, you reach a stage when you stop sending love quotes to each other, planning dinner dates, frequent love making and much more. These should never be cut out of your life as these are the lifelines of a healthy relation. So keep planning great events in your love life no matter how many years it has been of togetherness. I love you quotes always makes it meaningful enough to give a constant reminder of your love to your partner.
  • Always be responsible and dependable in your relationship. There are very less people on whom someone can really count. This is something that your partner looks forward in you. So you have to very dependable and responsible.
  • Trust is huge factor that keep your relationship thriving. You need to have faith in your partner. Life might bring you on test when you have to show how much you love your partner by showing faith in them. This is when you have to be very strong and pass with flying colors. Your partner could be disappointed from his job and wants to leave and start over with a new career option. In this context, you can hold his hand and be his strength and show him that you have complete faith that he will be able to survive anything. And that you are always there for him like a rock.

I personally feel that every relationship is unique and that there is no specific guide to maintain it. I do it my way and you should do it your way. 


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