Ecommerce platform, Ecwid, releases new Partner Program

Josiah Motley · February 2, 2016 · Short URL:

Jumpstart brings a private-label reseller program to web designers and freelancers

Ecommerce solution, Ecwid, is looking to set themselves apart from the pack of other shopping cart applications. With over 900k stores in over 125 countries, the company wanted to offer something more than the traditional plugins and services. The Jumpstart Partner Program, released today, is just that.

Jumpstart Partner Program

 "Partners," in this case, is basically just a fancy term for web designers, developers, and freelancers who want to sign up for the service. The service is not free, but comes in cheaper than similar services, and will run partners about $350 a year in maintenance costs, . Easily manageable for the SMB world which this service is catered towards. That $350 is on your end, part of what makes Jumpstart so great is that Ecwid gives you control over pricing and allows you to charge your own rates. 

So what all can resellers do with the service? The major one is obviously the ability to brand and market the shopping cart as your own. More and more web designers pop up everyday, and having a way to differentiate your services from the masses can be the difference in gaining a client or not. The service is also highly adaptable, giving you many of the same features the Ecwid platform already has in its current iteration. 45 front-end languages, 16 back-end languages, 40+ payment gateways, and eBay and Facebook integrations. 

This service isn't going to be for everyone. Some designers have no qualms with the branding of the ecommerce solution they choose, but for firms looking to set themselves apart by offering their own private-label ecommerce platform, Ecwid's Jumpstart Partner Program will definitely be worth checking out.

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