Shryne releases 2.0 update to their social archival app

Josiah Motley · January 28, 2016 · Short URL:

With a focus on reclaiming and storing your social data

With this latest update, the two-year old startup Shryne wants to give you a safe, secure method of storing many of your memories and interactions across text messages, emails, and social accounts.

Originally marketed as a way to "remember the ones you love," it received a lot of criticism and came off as slightly weird, considering it was digital memory box called Shryne and critics were quick to point out it could be used as a way to obsess over past flings. This 2.0 release positions the company in a much more logical manner, however.

Countless amounts of data is lost every day, from cleaning out emails and text messages, to deleting embarrassing photos from Facebook that you posted when you were in college. Shryne gives you a place to store these iPhone texts, emails, Facebook messages and photos, and Instagram photos.


The iOS and Mac application allows you to categorize all of these things by the individual, so you can easily browse back through interactions based on the person you had them with originally. To add to the value of this big data, this 2.0 update brings Shryne Insights to offers analytics that you can reference to see things like your social timeline and usage statistics. 

Obviously, when dealing with this type of personal information, security should be everyone's top concern and Shryne seems to understand that. The service uses industry-leading cloud infrastructure and top level encryption. In addition, the founder of Shryne, Aldo Cherdabayev, tells TechCrunch, “We don’t look at anyone’s data, obviously. It’s all encrypted so it’s designed as a safety deposit box."

The app is currently available on iOS and Mac, with plans for it to come to Android and Windows. You can find out more about Shryne here.

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