Connected Casebook, a new study solution for digital natives

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Connected Casebook is trying to make law students look at their casebooks differently

Connected Casebook, an online learning tool from Wolters Kluwer Legal Education group, allows law students an inviting and interactive means of absorbing a complex subject matter. Students receive lifetime access to this digital platform with any purchase of a print casebook. Connected Casebook was designed to provide students with an alternative method of digesting law material; rather than flip through a hardcover book to find text, or create index cards to study, with Connected Casebook students have the option to read, study, and organize notes on a single cloud based platform accessed from their phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Connected Casebook

Connected Casebook’s success is linked directly to the fact that it addresses three core areas of focused learning: reading, studying, and note management. Under Connected Casebook’s “Read” feature, students can easily access the full text of their casebook anywhere over internet. The platform boasts a quick navigation tool, six fun colors to highlight text, and the ability to add notes along margins.

In the “Study” center, Students are invited to practice what they’ve read through multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Progress is tracked and feedback given through indicators that highlight each student’s strengths and weakness by activity, topic, and chapter. 

Through Connected Casebook’s “Outline” tool, students can follow up interactive study with time spent managing notes and creating ideal course outlines. These course outlines can then be easily exported to print and used offline.

It’s apparent Connected Casebook was developed with assistance from real law students. Ese, a student from Charlotte’s School of Law, cites Connected Casebook as the key to her success, “Tracking my progress in the study center made me want to go in and learn everyday.”

The platform makes digesting a complex subject matter compelling through its vast range of learning tools and interactive study options. Connected Casebooks can be purchased anywhere students currently purchase their textbooks because access to is free with the purchase of a new Wolters Kluwer casebook. 

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