Technological breakthroughs in cancer diagnostics

Interview with Guardant Health co-founder & CEO Helmy Eltoukhy

Entrepreneur interview by Kristin Karaoglu
December 28, 2015
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As cancer research advances, more has been learned about the molecular biology of cancer, and potential drugs that can target certain genes that cause cancer cells to multiply. But the challenge remains: how does one know which genomic defects are in existence?

Today, most cancer patients receive expensive biopsies to find out. Guardant Health wants to change that by enabling patients to simply give a blood sample. The cost is a third of traditional biopsies, and less invasive. In the future, Helmy Eltoukhy, co-founder and CEO of Guardant Health, envisions a world where consumers can get an annual check-up and get a blood draw at the same time to essentially get a cancer check-up.

Helmy will be Keynoting Vator Splash Health on February 23, 2016 at Kaiser Center. The title: Fighting cancer with technology. Join us! Register here.