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Video: How Soothe and HomeHero got their flywheel going

At Vator Splash LA, marketplace founders and CEOs chat it up with Ezra Roizen

Innovation series by Mitos Suson
November 5, 2015
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At Vator Splash LA 2015Ezra Roizen, Partner at Ackrell Capital, moderated the panel "Getting the Flywheel going". He was joined by panelists, Kyle Hill, Founder & CEO of HomeHero;  Merlin Kauffman, Founder & CEO of Soothe

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Editor's Note: Our annual Post Seed conference is around the corner on Dec. 1 at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Speakers include John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins), Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital), and more. Join us! REGISTER HERE.

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Description: Ackrell Capital is an investment bank founded by senior technology investment bankers and entrepreneurs. We are headquartered in San Fran...
Description: Soothe delivers high quality massage to your door in 1 hour.
Description: HomeHero is an online marketplace designed to help families find, hire and manage quality in-home care for seniors. 
Bio: Advisor-to and commenter-on emerging ventures

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