Momentum Ventures launching online travel site Alio

Keith Holland · October 29, 2015 · Short URL:

Online travel agency offering flights and travel insurance

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Momentum Ventures, a Montreal, Quebec based technology company, is launching its newest online travel business. Hot on the heels of the massive success that is the Canadian online travel agency FlightHub, Momentum Ventures plans to shake up the online travel industry with the launch of Alio. Poised to take on current heavy hitters in the American online travel scene like Expedia and Priceline, Alio is built on the functionally solid and technically sound foundation pioneered by FlightHub as one of Canada’s top online travel agencies.

Momentum Ventures is putting its perfect record on the line with the launch of Alio. Launched in 2007 by CEO Matt Keezer, Momentum Ventures is a perfect seven for seven when it comes to launching successful online businesses. Momentum Ventures’ flagship brand is FlightHub. Launched in 2012, FlightHub banks over $1.5 billion in sales, employs over 400 people worldwide, and is one of the top online travel agencies in North America, serving over 1 million Canadians annually. Outside of travel, Momentum Ventures has also had success in the online streaming, affiliate marketing, and advertisement serving spaces.

While FlightHub continues to dominate the Canadian online travel scene, Alio has its sights set on the American online travel scene. Set to feature low-cost flights and travel insurance at launch, Alio will have the pricing and the customer experience expertise to challenge the old guard in the industry. In addition, Alio will continue to grow post launch, offering an extensive catalogue that will feature hotels, cruises, rental cars, and much more.

While Alio is completely independent of FlightHub, being built in the same office didn’t hinder its development. Thanks to Momentum Ventures’ unique model of building businesses internally, Alio was able to have access to Momentum Ventures’ large team of veteran online development talent. This allowed the team to efficiently build and launch Alio from a development standpoint. Likewise, having access to FlightHub’s support staff helped form the service policies and practices that will guide Alio towards a successful launch.

 With the imminent launch of Alio, Momentum Ventures is doubling down on its online travel experience. Taking on established brands has been a calling card of Momentum Ventures as proven by the massive success of FlightHub in the online travel space. Momentum Ventures’ proven model of building winning businesses makes them, and Alio’s expert team, confident that their launch will go smoothly and that they will, in short order, be competing with the top brands in the American online travel industry.

 Momentum Ventures is based in Montreal, Quebec and has been in the business of building winning businesses since 2007. Since then, Momentum Ventures has mastered the online streaming, affiliate marketing, and online travel spaces with the launch of businesses such as iReel, AffiliateBuzz, Traffic Junky, and the aforementioned FlightHub and Alio. Momentum Ventures recently launched the Momentum Ventures challenge, a call out to potential entrepreneurs. The winner of the Momentum Ventures Challenge will receive a full-time position at Momentum Ventures, in addition to 500K of funding for a new business and access to Momentum Ventures’ network of veteran development and business development staff.

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