PointDrive is more than a simple tool used by sales teams

Josiah Motley · September 29, 2015 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/4066

They now focus on three main aspects: sales, real estate, and business development

Most entrepreneurs know Steve Blanks' definition of a startup: An organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

So true. In its quest to find that repeatable and scalable model, PointDrive, a tool used for developing your sales pitch across your entire team, has been zeroing in on its value proposition. With a more pinpointed goal, PointDrive focuses on three main facets: sales teams, business development, and real estate.

With a central focus now in place, PointDrive can bring uniformity and detailed statistics to multiple business types.

PointDrive is optimized for mobile

A huge waste of time and resources is basing your entire sales pitch on quantity, hoping that by reaching enough people you'll generate sales and meetings with prospective clients. While this is true to a certain degree, quality should be a huge factor when deciding on your plan of action. With PointDrive you can take your tried-and-true sales pitch and create uniformity across your entire team. This way you know prospective clients are seeing exactly what you want them to see. With real estate, it focuses on listing presentation and and detailed statistics so you can see what is, and isn't, working.

They do this by offering resources to help create your marketing materials and deliver them to potential clients in a format is that easily accessible from web and mobile, and can easily be shared throughout their internal team. That focus on mobile is one thing that helps set them apart from other similar products. We're past being able to call mobile use "a trend," an instead need to accept that it is the way to reach the people in the most efficient way. With traditional office settings making way for the new, on-the-go business person, giving them material that is meant for mobile is huge.

PointDrive analytics

Tracking your material is of the utmost importance, as well, and PointDrive will give you the tools to see what materials have been read and for how long. As an added bonus it will also see what was shared. You can take this information and fine tune it for next time to maximize read time and sharing.

Is something like PointDrive necessary for a small business with a sales team consisting of just a couple people? Probably not, but if you're managing a larger team and want to make sure everyone is on the same page, a sales presentation tool like PointDrive is the best way to guarantee uniformity across your entire team.

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