Skyrocketing healthcare costs!

Mitos Suson · May 5, 2015 · Short URL:

How is technology saving the day and changing healthcare tomorrow?

At Vator Splash Health 2015, held last February 12, 2015, Casper de Clercq of Norwest Venture Partners moderated the panel discussing the "Skyrocketing healthcare cost - how is technology saving the day and changing healthcare tomorrow?" On the panel were Kevin King, President and CEO of iRhythm TechnologiesDhiren Bhatia, CEO of ViewicsChristopher Parks, Founder of Change Healthcare Corporation

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Mitos Suson

I am currently affiliated with Vator. I co-produce the Vator Events and enjoy the challenge. I am learning and growing a lot, being involved with Vator and I love it!

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Norwest Venture Partners

Angel group/VC

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Our experience makes us realistic about how businesses unfold, and we can advise our portfolio companies at all phases of growth. Our size, global presence and heritage enable us to offer our venture capital and growth equity portfolio companies high-level, long-term assistance.

Change Healthcare Corp


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Name of the company

Viewics, Inc.


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Viewics is an analytics platform which enables healthcare organizations to increase profits and improve quality. Our flagship business intelligence solution, Viewics Health Insighter (VHI), addresses the clinical, financial and operational needs of key departments in the hospital.

Viewics provides a secure multi-departmental data platform that scales across a department's information needs and puts insights and analytical capabilities in the hands of key decision makers. 

VHI is a fully managed end-to-end solution, from data extraction to interactive dashboards that can be easily understood, customized and shared. With Viewics' rapid implementation process and robust support, organizations are able to drive value immediately.


Viewics Explainer Video


Christopher Parks

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Kevin King

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Dhiren Bhatia

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Dhiren is the CEO and Co-Founder of Viewics, Inc., which was founded in 2009. Prior to Viewics, he spent a year in IT Strategy at Sutter Health.

Casper de Clercq

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