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Kristin Karaoglu · March 24, 2015 · Short URL:

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Vator Splash Health 2015 finalist  Stroll Health delivers an app for ambulatory and primary care physicians’ offices that enables clinicians to make personalized value-based referrals. Stroll's technology combines network, patient benefits, and costs to surface all locations that meet a physician's procedure criteria. We then let physicians select, order, and authorize their desired test.

Among the judges were Nina Kjellson (General Partner, InterWest Partners), Missy Krasner (Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Box), John Steuart (Managing Director, Prolog Ventures, Garrett Dunham (Founder & CEO, Prebacked), Shomit Ghose (Managing Director & Partner, ONSET Ventures), Sharon Knight (Founder, Avik Ventures), Vishal Vasishth (Co-Founder, Obvious Ventures), and Mike McCormick (Audit Senior Manager, KPMG).

Apply to Splash Oakland for the chance to present and compete live on April 23, and join in on workshops on April 22. Applications due before March 18. APPLY HERE.

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Stroll Health


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Stroll Health helps health providers effectively manage patients and deliver better value care. By personalizing each patient journey and offering seamless access to care choices that are convenient, covered, and affordable, Stroll drives higher patient retention, lowers operating costs, and delivers a vastly improved patient experience. At the 2016 Health 2.0, we were named the most fundable enterprise health startup of the year. We're raising a seed to accelerate provider system growth.


Jordan Epstein

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John Steuart

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I’ve been managing venture capital funds for more than 15 years, at Alafi Capital, Claremont Creek Ventures and Prolog. M

Matt Maurer

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Big healthcare ideas in Silicon Valley. A strategist & operator at heart, and a balancer of many hats. More interested in problems-solved, than titles-held. Advocate for removing steps and getting things done.

Missy Krasner

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Managing Director of Healthcae & Life Sciences at Box. Formerly EIR at Morgenthaler Ventures on Health IT deals. Formerly at Google on Google Health and ONC/HHS as Advisor to First National Coordinator of Health IT.

Garrett Dunham

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I founded Prebacked to bridge the chasm between corporate problems and startup solutions. We help startups land their first multi $BN client and find product-market fit in 4 months, rather than 24. Strong advocate for building things that matter.