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Kristin Karaoglu · March 10, 2015 · Short URL:

Check out Core Mobile's presentation on stage and the judges' feedback

Vator Splash Health 2015 finalist Core Mobile makes Healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated to achieve 3 objectives, (1) Improve efficiency to reduce healthcare costs (2) Improve healthcare staff satisfaction (3) Improve patient outcomes and patient family satisfaction by reducing readmissions and revists leveraging population health.

Here's a video of  Chandra Tekwani presenting at Vator Splash Health.

Among the judges were Nina Kjellson (General Partner, InterWest Partners), Missy Krasner (Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Box), John Steuart (Managing Director, Prolog Ventures, Garrett Dunham (Founder & CEO, Prebacked), Shomit Ghose (Managing Director & Partner, ONSET Ventures), Sharon Knight (Founder, Avik Ventures), Vishal Vasishth (Co-Founder, Obvious Ventures), and Mike McCormick (Audit Senior Manager, KPMG).

Apply to Splash Oakland for the chance to present and compete live on April 23, and join in on workshops on April 22. Applications due before March 18. APPLY HERE.

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Core Mobile, Inc.


Joined Vator on

Core Mobile is enhancing digital health by harnessing the power of mobile, real time data, AI and machine learning to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes.

Core Mobile products and solutions are HIPAA and FISMA certified by US Federal Government as shown at,

Core Mobile has won multi-year multi-million dollar contracts from Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Core Mobile solutions are sold by DELL Technologies worldwide including Europe and Middle-East. 

Core Mobile offers guaranteed Return on Investment between 300% and 600% with multiple metrics of measurement as listed below.

Improve Efficiency & Access to Care

     ‐Reduce cancellations / delays / no-shows 5% to 40%

     ‐Increase patient throughput 5% to 20%

     ‐Increase block usage time up to 95%

Increased Virtual Visits

Improve Patient & Staff Satisfaction

Improve Patient Outcomes

  ‐Reduction in readmissions 5% to 20%

Improve ICU Nurse-Patient Ratio 1:2 to 1:5 to targeted goal of 1:30

Core Mobile became cash flow positive in 2019.

Core Mobile raising capital to scale the business to address $150M opportunity at VA, $100M opportunity at DHA, and overall $950M opportunity worldwide in the next 3 years.


Chandra Tekwani

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Computer Scientist turned entrepreneur and product executive in mobile networking and security technologies focused on making healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated.

Garrett Dunham

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I founded Prebacked to bridge the chasm between corporate problems and startup solutions. We help startups land their first multi $BN client and find product-market fit in 4 months, rather than 24. Strong advocate for building things that matter.

John Steuart

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I’ve been managing venture capital funds for more than 15 years, at Alafi Capital, Claremont Creek Ventures and Prolog. M

Missy Krasner

Joined Vator on

Managing Director of Healthcae & Life Sciences at Box. Formerly EIR at Morgenthaler Ventures on Health IT deals. Formerly at Google on Google Health and ONC/HHS as Advisor to First National Coordinator of Health IT.