Splash Talk: Lindy Fishburne on funding hard science

Kristin Karaoglu · February 26, 2015 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3c36

Calling all scientists, Breakout Labs is looking to get your project into the economy

At Vator Splash Health 2015, held last month, Lindy Fishburne, executive director of Breakout Labs, a seed fund backed by the Thiel Foundation, gave a Splash Talk on how to get technology out of the labs and into a commercial setting. Breakout Labs works with scientists who are making significant leaps at the intersection of biology and technology. Its approach is to use philanthropic dollars to seed these companies. 

So far, 22 have been funded and five have closed their Series A, and one has been acquired.

Grab popcorn and enjoy her Splash Talk!

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Breakout Labs

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Breakout Labs uses philanthropy to support a growing list of early-stage companies in areas ranging from food science and biomedicine to clean energy. For many of these companies, we were the first external investor. The program provides up to $350,000 for companies to achieve specific milestones that are critical to their development. In addition to the funding, our grant recipients benefit directly from the Thiel Foundation’s large community of investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Our program goes well beyond financial support. We also provide access to strategic mentorship and networking opportunities that enable further development for years to come. Successful grantees contribute to the next generation of scientific innovation, in accordance with the terms of our grant agreement. - See more at: http://www.breakoutlabs.org/about/#section-program


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Executive Director, Breakout Labs Sr VP Investments, Thiel Foundation