Five reasons to come to Splash Health 2015 on 2/12/2015

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Learn why healthcare will be insanely different in 25 years

Healthcare as we know it will be dramatically different in a decade, and insanely different in 25 years. That's our prediction. It's not so bold really. Many people have the same view. With mobile technology enabling us to track more data about ourselves, services enabling caretakers to provide care for patients online, our medical history more easily accessible and transportable, it's not hard to imagine how transparency can help move this industry forward. 

Vator Splash Health is bringing together entrepreneurs shaping tomorrow's healthcare landscape as well as the venture capitalists helping to finance their innovations.

Tickets jump at the door this Thursday, Feb. 12. So register now, and you get a break. 

Here are five reasons (we can actually think of 10, but we'll save that for another day), to come to the event.

Reason No. 1 - Is Practice Fusion IPO ready? - See Ryan Howard, Founder & CEO of Practice Fusion. I had the pleasure of getting to know Howard, leading up to this event. 

Howard is pretty mum about revenue (which is what the public market investors are interested in).

But on stage, he'll definitely touch on what's driving his business forward and what is his "cash cow" revenue line. 

With a provider (doctors, nurses, admins) network of 100,000-plus, he'll also talk about how he attracted the first 1,000.

It's always harder to get the initial group.

Howard's been building his business for a decade.

So he'll have a lot to share with entrepreneurs about getting the flywheel going, and then scaling. Practice Fusion has raised nearly $160 million from leading investors, such as Morgenthaler Ventures, Felicis Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Industry Ventures and a number of angels, such as Hadi and Ali Partovi and Peter Thiel.


Reason No. 2 - Is One Medical the doctors office of the future? Tom Lee, Founder and CEO of One Medical Group is trying to reinvent your visit to your Primary Care doctor, by changing the culture.

In the old days, err - today, patients sit and wait in the waiting rooms (I've done that) for a long time. Not sure what's longer, a doctor's office or the DMV.

He believes if care was improved at this level, fewer people would need to spend the big bucks visiting expensive specialists, and fewer people would have to visit the emergency room.

One Medical currently has 30 offices in six markets, with 150 physicians.

At Splash Health, Lee will talk about expansion plans.

One Medical has already raised $117 million from leading investors, such as Benchmark, Maverick Capital, Oak Investment Partners and Google Ventures, to name a few.

So the company is definitely on the IPO track. 



Reason No. 3 - The evolution of wearables; Where is it heading? Sonny Vu, Founder and CEO of Misfit Wearables, is at the forefront of the wearables movement. Wearables consist today mainly of activity-tracker bands, replacing our watches.

They also include Internet-connected glasses, like Google Glass. Some wearables make people look more like cyborgs than fashion-forward hipsters. And seems like Misfit Wearables wants to align itself with the fashionistas, with its new blinged-out wrist band.

But the question is: Besides telling us how many steps we've taken or calories we've burned, is there more in store? Will these trackers be connected to our patient portals or electronic health records so our physicians or medical coaches can keep track of our health?

Will they be connected to our coffee machines, so our coffee machines can say, "Nope. Not making any. No coffee for you today. Your blood press is super high and you need some relaxing tea." Vu will take the stage with Stephen Krauss, who heads up Bessemer Ventures healthcare investment arm.

Misft has raised $63 million in financing, from Bessemer, as well as Norwest Venture Partners, Founders Fund, Khosla Venetures, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and many more. 

Reason No. 4 - A 360 degree view of healthtech. Dr. Nate Gross wears a lot of hats. He's an inventor, investor, physician and developer.

He helped found Doximity, which calls itself the LinkedIn for physicians and he's one of the founders of Rock Health, a new and very popular healthcare-focused seed fund. Clearly, he likes to be in the operational side, as well as the investment side.

To that extent, this is a person who probably has a laundry list of ideas about how healthcare needs to change and what new technologies can help. As accomplished professionally as he is, he admits not being awesome at everything.

He has yet to make any improvements in his basketball game, despite his 6'4" stature.

Dr. Gross spends most of his days at Doximity, which has raised nearly $82 million in venture financing from blue-chip VCs, such as InterWest Partners, Emergence Capital Partners, DFJ, and Morgenthaler. But he does provide input to the investors at Rock Health when selecting their startups. To date, they've made about 60 investments. To that end, don't be surprised if Dr. Gross has a few specific words about the startups presenting in the live competition!

Reason No. 5 - Who's financing the digital future: What are they looking for? Dr. Gross' Rock Health has been diligently following the trends in venture capital and put out a report that shows that $4 billion was invested in healthtech startups last year, and some 250 startups received on average $2 million in financing. We'll have a panel of investors focused solely on healthcare. Rebecca Lynn, of Canvas Venture Fund, Nina Kjellson of InterWest and Stephen Krauss of Bessemer Ventures. How active are these three? Well, they've funded some of the companies listed above. So I'd say, Yeah - pretty active. 

So these are just five reasons to join us this Thursday.

Thanks to KPMGRackspaceCalifornia HealthCare FoundationBread & ButterScrubbed, and Stratpoint for helping to make this event happen!


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