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February 7, 2015
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Randy Dunnett has been involved with the game of baseball all his life. He has been a player at nearly every level imaginable and this amazing career has played out in one of America’s greatest sports and historical cities, Chicago, IL.  He is a native of Chicago and has played his entire career in the area. 

He started out as many young Americans do, in his youth when he started playing in little league games.  Early on, he knew he would be a pitcher. Activity became sports fandom, which became a downright obsession to make himself into the best player he could be. 

Dunnett grew up in Chicago during a great era of professional baseball in that city.  Many legends passed through the city’s two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams and Chicago has always had a strong base of collegiate and high school sports that is competitive and exciting for fans to watch.   

This obsession became dedication, which played out onto the field when he had the privilege to play four years of collegiate baseball at South Suburban College (SSC) and Belmont University, where he graduated with a degree in business administration. 

Out of college, his first action was to step up and be a pro. His dream of being a professional came true when after years of playing at the amateur level and coming out of playing in the collegiate ranks, he signed with the Cook County Cheetahs in the Frontier League. There he played for two years, where he was a star player on a great team.   


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Randy Dunnett
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