Dr. Rainer Gruessner

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Premier Pancreatic and Liver Surgeon

Dr. Rainer Gruessner is one of the top transplantation surgeons in the world. His specialty and passion are focused on treating patients with life-threatening pancreatic, liver, and bowel diseases. His approach is unlike most other surgeons in his field. He is willing to think outside of the box when performing surgery focusing on minimally invasive procedures. His techniques have had an impact on his field in many ways over the course of his 25 year career.

Dr. Rainer Gruessner was the first in his field to create a now standardized method for successful living donor intestinal transplants. His performed the first preemptive living donor liver transplant for oxalosis in a child and introduced laparoscopic graft biopsies in pancreas transplantation. The list of his accomplishments in his field and their direct impact on the lives of patients in ongoing.

Dr. Rainer Gruessner has also contributed immensely to the scientific literature and surgical research. He has edited two standard textbooks on transplant surgery, and he has authored or co- authored  over 600 manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters. He was appointed the head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona in 2007, and during his successful tenure, he nearly single-handedly brought the department to the forefront of general and transplant surgery.

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Dr. Rainer Gruessner

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