Airline marketing platform Routehappy raises $3.3M

Ane Howard · December 10, 2014 · Short URL:

Cloud-based service for airlines hope to improve flight shopping based on "Happiness" scores

It's been a happy end of the year for Routehappy. First, it announced its partnership with Expedia then today's new round of financing. I'd say it scored an 8. Fair enough considering that Routehappy  is a "product differentiation platform for air travel" that scores flights from 1 to 10 based on the quality of the aircraft, the seat, amenities like food service and Wi-Fi,  and trip duration.

The New York-based airline differentiator product content platform company announced today that it has secured $3.3M. This round of  of venture financing was led by iNovia Capital with particiaption from PAR Capital Ventures, Buddy Media founder Mike Lazerow, and respected industry veterans Seth BrodyDavid Sandberg, and finally Porter Gale, a former VP of Marketing, Virgin America.  This news came out today following  the November 10 announcement that Expedia, the global online travel services  and Serko, Australia/New Zealand's leading corporate travel and expense management business Serko, had partnered with Routehappy giving both full access to Scores and Happiness Factors API, Routehappy's proprietary rating system, by cabin, for every flight. 

Routehappy's Scores and Happiness works by making the the process of finding a flight with, let's say wi-fi or extra leg room, easy. As a a passenger to be, you enter what perk is important to you during a flight from and to, the date of departure, and Routehappy will fetch your options wih the Happiest score ranking first. In return, the business partners have access to this data and can then better promote and market its product offers and identify weak links where it need to improve upon.

Robert Albert, CEO at Routehappy said via a newsrelease that  "This new funding will allow us to expand our team and accelerate development, trialing, and sales of Routehappy Hub to airlines and distributors worldwide."

Its present partners include Expedia, Skyscanner, Virgin Atlantic, Alaska Airlines, Serko.


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