Post Seed Live Web stream on December 2

Watch interviews with Peter Thiel, Chris Dixon, Keith Rabois, Naval Ravikant and more

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December 1, 2014 | Comments
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/3aa5

Please stay tuned for a live stream of  Post Seed, hosted by Bullpen Capital, Venture51 and Vator, with Peter Thiel from Founders Fund who will join Bambi Francisco, Founder of Vator, on stage for a Special One-Hour Fireside Chat.

We'll have other speakers as well including Chris Dixon (Andreessen Horowitz), Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures), Ryan Swagar (Venture51), Brandon Zeuner (Venture51), Gil Penchina, Peter Pham (Science), Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Rich Melmon (Bullpen Capital), Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital), Ryan Sarver (Redpoint VC), Larry Marcus (Walden Venture Capital), Josh Elman (Greylock)... see all

Check out the agenda here, and who'll be joining us on stage. 

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Paul Martino
Managing Partner,
Bullpen Capital
Managing Partner,
Bullpen Capital
Bio: Paul is the founder of four companies and active early stage investor. He was most recently the CEO and founder of Aggregate Knowledge. I...
Duncan Davidson
Managing Director,
Bullpen Capital
Bio: Duncan is a serial entrepreneur who was a managing director at a major venture fund, VantagePoint Venture Partners, before forming Bullpe...
Ryan Swagar
Managing Partner,
Bio: Ryan is an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, a golfer, a skier, a surfer, a guitar player, and an amazing beer drinker. Ryan began ...
Bio: Angel investor in Linkedin, Wikia, Fastly, Paypal, Tinfoil Security, Become.com, Findwhat, Evite, Betzip, Qype, WeHeartIt and many more...
Brandon Zeuner
Managing Partner,
Bio: I do my best to be helpful and support founders who create breakout technology products.In particular, I like to help founders improve th...
Bambi Francisco Roizen
CEO and Founder,
Bio: Vator was a side project of mine that was a mere concept while I was a columnist/correspondent at Dow Jones MarketWatch. It was originall...
Larry Marcus
Managing Director,
Walden Venture Capit...
Bio: Larry Is a Managing Director a Walden Venture Capital, and focuses on Sprout Stage™ investments www.waldenvc.com/Sprout.htmlin&nbsp...
Richard Melmon
Managing Partner,
Bullpen Capital
Bio: Richard is a physicist who somehow ended up starting companies. Before starting his own, he helped a few along the way, including Intel, ...
Peter Thiel
Clarium Capital Mana...
Bio: Founder and President, Clairum Capital Management, LLC - Oct. 2002 to present. Clarium is a $2-plus billion macro-focused hedge fund. Man...
Bio: Ryan is a Partner with Redpoint Ventures where he focuses on consumer Internet, mobile, social, local and platform investments. Prior to...
Bio: Josh is a partner at Greylock.  He joined the team in 2011 and invests in entrepreneurs building new consumer products and services....
Bio: Peter is a co-founding partner at Science a 3yr old $40M backed technology studio of which he helps build companies alongside&nbsp...
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