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Eaton Improves on Hydraulics with Smart Valves

Technology trends and news by Kerry Blake
November 28, 2014
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There is no question that hydraulic machineries are one of the most commonly found in today’s manufacturing industry. With the hardware design possibly improved beyond capacity, it is not surprising that developers are concentrating on the programming aspect of hydraulics.

This is exactly what Eaton unveiled during the PackExpo 2014 and IMTS 2014, introducing new technology that infuses intelligence in hydraulic machines. Dubbed the AxisPro valve, the new product is meant for industrial use and promises to lower energy consumption, reduce cost of wiring, and essentially decrease the amount of time dedicated to production.

Axis Pro Valve

The AxisPro valve is an intelligent valve that can turn hydraulic machines into something safer, more accurate, and reliable. The valve is specially designed to be integrated with different hydraulic machineries.

The marketing manager for Eaton, Bill Wesmann describes exactly how the valve contributes to industrial operations. For all intents and purposes, the valve is customizable as it can upload custom motion control software in the valve’s white space using CODESYS.

To increase the valve’s flexibility, Eaton crated AxisPro using the IEC-611311-3 programming, allowing for both distributed and centralized control. To further enhance its industry-readiness, the smart valve is preprogrammed with J1939 and CANopen standards utilized in most industries. There is even a configuration available that makes it possible for users to check the inventory level of the valves.

Tried and tested over a period of trials before being released to the public, AxisPro is designed for self-diagnostics. This means that the valve can indicate if something is wrong or if problems are about to occur. A LED indicator lights up, capturing the attention of operators and allowing them to check and correct the problem before it interferes with normal operations.

Benefits for Users

So what exactly does this mean for manufacturers and users of AxisPro? Simply put, the ability to customize the valve provides them with total control over operations. A simple reprogramming gives them the chance to alter energy, control, and power use during specific aspects of the build process without having to switch machineries. This not only decreases power consumption while increasing efficiency, but this also significantly lowers the build time.

Another beauty of this is that the valve can be integrated directly to existing control architectures, allowing it to become implemented quickly and efficiently. No need for rewiring or waiting for a full scale smart hydraulic to be built – AxisPro can be added to an existing system without significantly altering the layout of the operations.

According to Wesmann, the four levels of AxisPro paves the way for unlimited flexibility, thus allowing customers to get their specific needs without extensive adjustment.

Industries Applicable

Eaton caters largely to the industrial sector and the AxisPro valve is no different. It is designed specifically for the metal forming, plastics, as well as processing markets. The alternative energy market can also make good use of the AxisPro features, improving the fight for clean energy.

About Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation is one of the largest power management companies known for their contribution in the electrical and industrial sector, specifically in filtration, vehicles, aerospace, and hydraulics.