Philanthropy Efforts of Bruce Acacio led Infinite Corp.

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Bruce Acacio (CEO of Infinite Corporation)

While Infinite Corporation always believed in giving back to the community, Bruce Acacio (Chief Executive Officer) has further reinforced the ideas in many aspects. When it comes to social investment, Infinite Charitable Giving Program is the primary funding body of the organization.

Below are some of the major contributions of Infinite Corporation: 


STEM Education

Infinite Corporation regularly offers grants for programs in the field of science, technology, and engineering. The top IT services provider realizes the importance of technology in modern times, and thus encourages educational programs to prepare youth for future jobs.

Environmental sustainability

Infinite Corporation realizes the importance of clean air and water. The company offers grants to nonprofit organizations committed to make Earth a better place for future generations. Bruce Acacio also acknowledges the importance of recycling and conservation.

Community efforts

With the guidance of Bruce Acacio, Infinite recently started working with Mama’s Kitchen. The San Diego based nonprofit organization provides free meals to families affected by AIDS and cancer.

Being a global IT services provider, Infinite Corporation is committed to social causes in local communities. Visit to learn about philanthropic programs of Infinite Corporation.


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Bruce Acacio


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A leader in the information technology industry, Bruce Acacio is the Chief Executive Officer at Infinite Corporation based in California. Throughout his life and career, Bruce Acacio has maintained involvement in several professional and charitable endeavors, attaining success in his pursuits. An alumnus of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Bruce Acacio obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business, after which he enrolled in St. Thomas University School of Law in Florida.

Despite his law degree, Bruce Acacio has chosen a career in the information technology sector, beginning as an Agent Manager for IBM. From IBM, Mr. Acacio joined California Software Products, Inc., (since then rebranded as Infinite Corporation), where he works currently. Central to the development of Infinite Corporation since 1998, Mr. Bruce Acacio has overseen the company’s growth during his tenure with the firm, with expansion to international markets and the addition of products and services. From its origins as one office with two products, Infinite Corporation now commands a global presence with 20 offices on four continents and a growing menu of 300 products and services. Among his recent accomplishments with Infinite Corporation, Mr. Acacio brokered a partnership with Hewlett-Packard (HP), which allows Infinite to sell and distribute HP Enterprise’s portfolio across the United States.

Recognized for his contributions to the community, Mr. Acacio has volunteered resources to several causes in Southern California and elsewhere. At present, he has focused Infinite Corporation’s philanthropic efforts into a partnership with San Diego-based Mama’s Kitchen which provides free meals, delivery services, and more to individuals and families which have been affected by AIDs and cancer. When not working, Mr. Bruce Acacio enjoys different recreational activities, working out at the gym and running when possible. An avid reader, Mr. Acacio counts Fyodor Dostoevsky, William Faulkner, and Joseph Heller among his favorite authors.