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I was staring off into space in a world half reality half dream state when he approached to offer me some more coffee. It was really well executed. Gentle and purposeful and not the least bit off-putting for someone on holiday early in the morning. We struck up a brief conversation and as quickly as he arrived, he disappeared… Onto the next table leaving me to my morning thoughts. CF was off taking a call so I was momentarily alone. The coffee transaction inspired thoughts about hospitality and the simple act of doing something for some one – like filling their coffee cup.

We had an anxious arrival. California 1 is a two lane road weaving its way along ocean side cliffs known for rock slides. Whenever we drive it I think of the old Steely Dan tune

California tumbles into the sea
That’ll be the day I go
Back to Annandale
Tried to warn you
About Chino and Daddy Gee
But I can’t seem to get to you through the US mail

Still reveling in our whale watching moment and looking out to sea, we hit a rock in the road that left us with a damaged rim and a tire devoid of air running on its run flat. For nearly 30 miles – the balance of the trip – we navigated a rather treacherous drive with no places to stop and no cell service. CF was laser focused and kept the car at a grandpa-ish (a reference PD will understand) 40 mph offending, I am sure, half the commuter population of this part of the world.

Finally – we arrived – a bit worse for the wear but with a renewed appreciation for German engineering. All of this to say that we could have made this drive only to have our holiday squandered in details dealing with the car were it not for Jorge. The generosity of spirit, attention to detail AND true appreciation for hospitality, resulted in disconnected relaxation and a luxurious peace as he took on nearly all the details of our stay. It reminded me of a quotation by one of my favorite restauranteurs and entrepreneurs, Danny Meyer. He states that service is something that happens to you and hospitality is something that happens for you.

There are miles of difference between that to and for. We have been carefree despite the aggravation of a blown tire. And, in rare surrender, we have accepted our powerlessness to craft a different outcome. That is a testament to BMW, Jorge and this place. Thank you Post Ranch Inn for exceeding our expectations and making this a memorable visit despite the challenges

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Dustin Salzano is a online business marketing expert who helps small companies and startups in marketing their products and services online.

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Dustin Salzano is a online business marketing expert who helps small companies and startups in marketing their products and services online.