SCOTUSblog slammed on Twitter after Hobby Lobby ruling

Faith Merino · July 1, 2014 · Short URL:

Except that SCOTUSblog isn't affiliated with the actual SCOTUS

Chances are, you’ve heard of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, which will henceforth allow businesses to refuse to provide female employees with health insurance that covers certain methods of birth control, based on religious beliefs. You may have also heard that this was not a particularly popular decision. In fact, you may have heard that this was one of the most ridiculous, retrogressive decisions the Supreme Court has made in recent years—particularly in its clumsy attempt to avoid setting a precedent by saying, “this cannot be used to set a precedent.”

Now, SCOTUSblog—a blog that’s all about…the SCOTUS—is getting slammed on Twitter by people who think that SCOTUSblog is the actual SCOTUS itself. Except it's not. It literally isn't even allowed in the building (SCOTUSblog was recently denied a press pass). 

And SCOTUSblog is just kind of going with it. Or at least it was, up until a few hours ago, when it announced that it was done playing and had to get back to work.

So, it might be worth noting here that SCOTUSblog is not…the SCOTUS. But a lot of Twitter peeps just don’t seem to understand that.

Just to clarify, I get everyone's rage. With the SCOTUS's decision that corporations are people and women are not, immediately followed by the news that Tinder is being run by aggressively misogynistic (and Lifetime movie-style scary) bros, I'm feeling very Arya Stark right now. I'm taking names and making a list. 

And as a Twitter user, I definitely understand the overwhelming urge to find someone on Twitter and blast them. But, guys! We need to do this better! This is embarrassing!

I, too, heart RBG. I imagine that there are days Ruth Bader Ginsburg sweeps everything off of her desk and screams "Imma burn this mothafucka DOWN!!" But come on. Really?

Eventually, SCOTUSblog had to put an end to the fun and games. 

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