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Exclusive Half-Price Offer for Vator Members

Vator Splash Oakland Winner OppSites Co-Founder Ian Wolfe Ross

As part of its sponsorship of Vator's tech conference and startup competition in Oakland, Butterfield Speaks arranged for Power of Persuasion expert, Andrew Hurteau, to provide complimentary presentation skills coaching to presenters at the competition. Many presenters took advantage of this opportunity, including OppSites, the winner of Vator Splash Oakland and Rockbot, a winner in the Oaktown competition.

Now that the Vator tech conference in Oakland has come to a close, it’s time for you to get a head start on your speech skills for your next big presentation.

Preparation for High Stakes Speaking Engagements

The stakes were high for the Vator entrepreneurs; they were allotted just three minutes to persuade a panel of judges. Hurteau’s mission was to coach the finalists on presenting their stories with passion, clarity and precision.

To prepare the finalists for success, Andrew drew on the tools found in Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion curriculum. And now, Vator subscribers can access the same powerful tools at an extraordinary, start-up friendly price. 

Subscribe to Richard Butterfield’s Power of Persuasion Online, and become a more compelling, more persuasive speaker.

A one-year subscription provides access to a series of 12 videos designed to help you rock the house every time. This affordable, self-paced program is available 24/7 and will guide you through:

  • Crafting clear, compelling messages
  • Delivering a powerful pitch and
  • Mastering the art of persuading any audience

Save 50% on this exclusive Power of Persuasion Subscription with code: VATOR  View a free sample below.

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