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Aparna Sharma · May 16, 2014 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/36fd

Top reasons why Video Marketing is Important for business promotion in 2014

Seeking for a query over search engine, and encountering a website with videos, button lures you much to have a look! It is innate and a successful marketing strategy, hitting directly the human instincts. Net service providers use video marketing strategy quite often because visitors enjoy viewing videos more than other sources of information.

There are many other benefits to incorporate a video in your website. 

1)    Videos are dynamic and interactive: Videos simplify the process of message delivery and offer an interactive experience to visitors. The combination of audio-visual convenience leaves a stronger impression on their mind. Nowadays, videos not only demonstrate products, but are also used to introduce team members and put uniqueness on display. 

2)    Videos make visitor stay longer: Users get glued to video and so ensure that your targeted audience gets you complete message (if framed creatively).  

3)    Visitors prefer to watch than to read: Text based content involves complete reading and is usuallyboring. Also textual content sometimes exhibits the personality of writer instead of delivering the right message. All these limitations get eliminated when educating users through a video. 

4)    Videos can create real-time experience: Marketers can effectively communicate through videos because it involves shots (moving images) where body language, pictures of actual products, its features are clearly communicated &create real impact. 

5)    Video creates a rapport much easily: Videos are well appreciated by the visitors and successfully create a rapport. Videos drive users’ attention to the core of marketing message so a connection is built easily between the user & brand. Avisitorwhen becomes more concerned about your message also finds you credible. 

Make your Voice not just heard but understood too

by crafting a Marketable Video 

Videos impact online promotiongreatly. It’s a catchy medium which gets visitor’sinstant click. So, make sure that you pass the creativity test, whenever you think of promoting your brand through videos. These benefits can only be enjoyed if you have succeeded in creating crispy & interesting video for your users. 

Consult FATbit team to get free advice on how video marketing can be made more impactful for your business in 2014.  



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