Communications provider CorvisaCloud raises $30M

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CorvisaCloud provides companies with tools that allow them to improve customer service

A few months back I ordered a pizza from GrubHub. The order was an hour late, so you know what they did? They gave me $25 toward my next order, essentially making my meal free. I was so shocked by the good customer service that i had to write about it on Facebook. How sad is that? Shouldn't it be the other way around? But getting bad customer service is now a "dog bites man" situation. It's not news.

CorvisaCloud, a cloud-based communications provider, is a company whose entire goal is to give companies the tools to they need to truly drive customer success and satisfaction. And now it has raised $30 million in new funding, the company announced on Wednesday.

The funding came from CorvisaCloud's parent company Novation Companies. The company has previously raised $7.5 million, also from Novation Companies, bringing its total raised to $37.5 million.

Founded in 2011, CorvisaCloud provides cloud-based communications software platform and consulting services, with offerings that include inbound and outbound contact center software, a complete business phone system and a hosted voice and SMS platform.

For example, some of its customers can use the inbound service for their customer service centers, while other use its outbound solutions for their large sales teams, with others using both, Matt Lautz, CIO & President of CorvisaCloud, explained to me. The company came to market with its full product suite in early 2013.

"With the recent announcement of our platform, we've been working to help several customers address very specific needs that they weren't able to do in the past based on limitations of their software provider, such as one who wanted to customize their IVR to provide unique information based on county-level tax structures or another that was looking to route inbound lead calls to not only a qualified agent but the agent with the best track record of closing that type of lead," he told me.

CorvisaCloud has numerous competitors in the cloud-based contact center space, including Five9,inContact and Interactive Intelligence, as well as Twilio, Tropo and Shoretel Sky on the platform side of our business.

What separates CorvisaCloud from those other companies, though, is its open source development platform, which gives businesses "the flexibility they need to buy, modify or build their ideal communications solutions," said Lautz, since they "can purchase our products out-of-the-box, customize them using our platform to meet their needs or build entirely new, custom apps."

In addition, he noted that customers like that it is easy to use CorvisaCloud's offerings. For example, it allows them to automatically updating their outbound call campaigns, which is done with its rules engine, or deploying custom code, which is done with its built-in deployment tools.

With this new funding CorvisaCloud will be adding between 60 and 100 employees to all of its departments over the next year, with 30 to 50 of them coming this summer and fall. It will also expand the staff at all of its locations, with the largest number being added in Milwaukee.

"We will be expanding our brand presence online and at industry events, increasing our sales efforts and increasing support outlets to better serve customers," said Lautz. "We will also be evaluating potential acquisition opportunities to expand our product suite in complementary ways."

The company works with a range of mid-sized to enterprise clients with contact center seats ranging from 50 to 1500.  A few of its customers are Heartland Payment Systems, Direct Buy and Advent Financial. Headquartered in Milwaukee, it has additional offices in Chicago and Tampa.

In the end, the company's goal is to make companies turn customer service from a “must have” instead of a  “nice to have,” Lautz told me. 

"Our goal is to change the way companies define customer success and how they use technology to deliver it," he said. "This is only the beginning of what you will see from us.  With our recent funding news, we're just getting started on where we see our products and services going." 

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