Solaborate launches, with $1M for social collaboration

Bambi Francisco Roizen · October 21, 2013 · Short URL:

Tech salesmen now have a tool that can help them build a personalized experience

Many of us are familiar now with the experience or idea of collaborating internally with social tools, such as Yammer, and more recently Convo. Now one company, Solaborate, is seeking to help professionals - mainly software salesmen and technology professionals - to collaborate externally.

It's a way to make the selling of software more efficient, while at the same time help tech professionals learn about new software, said Labinot Bytyqi, founder and CEO, adding that he came up with the idea for Solaborate because his job at SAP for seven years was to manage big accounts and keep them happy. 

Bytyqi is officially launching Los Angeles-based Solaborate with $1 million in funding from a number of undisclosed angel investors. 

As it launches, the initial big customer base for Solaborate is expected to be enterprise software salesmen who could use the platform as a marketing tool. For instance, a salesmen could share interesting white papers about the industry to his followers (who could be potential customers in the future). For the potential customers, they may want to follow this particular salesmen because he or she has proven to be an expert.

But it's not just about sharing reports, there are video-calling tools straight from the browser to allow for quick communications so a salesman can do quick product demonstrations. 

As a tech salesman what do you need to close a sale? You need knowledge of the industry, you need to demo the product, and you need communication tools to allow you to close the deal.

That's what Solaborate hopes to do, at least for now - help tech salespeople personalize their jobs. 

This is not the only use case, however. So I don't want to pigeon-hole Solaborate into one area. But it sounds like a great starting point to me. 

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